Our Backbone that Stands
Firm in Achieving our Goals

We believe that people are our biggest asset. Our ability to recruit and retain good people is the deciding factor between organizational success and failure. That's why GEF India is focused on respecting and nurturing individuals. GEF India is proud to have a thriving workforce comprising over 2000 dedicated individuals. GEF India has an experienced top management team for various functional areas of the edible oil business. Backing them up is a highly skilled team of experienced professionals. The biggest strength in our people is their commitment to the shared goal and their multitasking abilities. Our people are indeed 'master of all trades'.

Our employees are in tune with the best operating practices in the industry. Our top-level executives constantly infuse the employees with creativity, motivation and innovation. The company organizes regular workshops to enhance the skill levels of our people. At GEF India, the teams come from various cultural and professional backgrounds, yet we are one strong company, one strong team with a shared goal. Having a diverse workforce brings to our company a wide variety of perspectives and talents that strengthen our ability to serve customers and consumers better.